Integrated Processes

“IEM is a key instrument of South Africa's National Environmental Management Act (NEMA). South Africa's NEMA promotes the integrated environmental management of activities that may have a significant effect (positive and negative) on the environment. IEM provides the overarching framework for the integration of environmental assessment and management principles into environmental decision-making. It includes the use of several environmental assessment and management tools that are appropriate for the various levels of decision-making.” (DEAT (2004) Overview of Integrated Environmental Management, Integrated Environmental Management, Information Series 0, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), Pretoria.)

Prism EMS fully understands the concept of environmental management and the principles that guide the legislation; and possesses the tools required to apply the legislation effectively and responsibly.

The process of applying for environmental authorisation, albeit a Basic Assessment process or the full detailed Environmental Impact Assessment process, involves:

Assessment of legal requirements (i.e. which legislation is applicable, and what activities should be licensed);

Assessing and defining the baseline environmental conditions;

Assessing the risks associated with the proposed project from a bio-physical and socio-economic view;

Advising the client on potential flaw in layout and design (to proactively provide input on these and limit potential and long term financial and environmental liability);

Consultation with all stakeholders and Interested and Affective Parties in an open and transparent nature;

Identifying key specialist for areas where more in-depth studies are required and managing these specialists;

Alternative assessment to determine the best environmental/economical options;

Quantitative Impact Assessment to determine the nature, extent, duration and significance of potential impacts;

Defining and formulating practical and cost effective management measures to limit negative impacts and optimize positive impacts;

Formulating Environmental Management Programmes.

Application types included under the encompassing term of ‘Integrated Processes’ are, inter alia:

Basic Assessment Applications;

Environmental Impact Assessments;

Environmental Management Plans;

Environmental Performance Assessments;

Water Use Licenses;

Overall Project Management;

Waste Licenses;

Air Emission Licenses; and

Various Specialist Studies.

Prism EMS can attend to any of the listed processes.