Biodiversity Services

Specialist Ecologists form part of our team. As part of the ecological and biodiversity services offered by Prism EMS, the following studies can be completed: Flora and fauna habitat surveys, particularly focusing on the possible presence of threatened species, Riparian vegetation index surveys, Ecological condition surveys, compilation of Ecological Management Plans, Biodiversity Action Plans and contributions to Environmental Management Frameworks, Wetland Assessments, Management of Rare Wetland Species etc.

A typical Ecological Assessment will consist of:

A survey consisting of site visits to investigate key elements of habitats on the site, relevant to the conservation of fauna and flora.

Recording of any sightings and/or evidence of existing fauna and flora.

The selective and careful collecting of voucher specimens of invertebrates will be taken where deemed necessary.

An evaluation of the conservation importance and significance of the site with special emphasis on the current status of threatened species.

Recording of possible host plants or food-plants of fauna, such as butterflies.

Literature investigation of possible species that might occur on site.

Integration of the literature investigation and field observations to identify potential ecological impacts that could occur as a result of the proposed activities.

Integration of literature investigation and field observations to make recommendations to reduce or minimise impacts. A composite sensitivity map, compiled within a Geographic Information System will be included.

An ecological management plan for any open space system designed to incorporate all areas designated as sensitive in the sensitivity mapping exercise (in accordance with the Sensitivity Mapping Rules for Biodiversity Assessments) will be included where relevant.

Rehabilitation measures will be included; and

A recommended list of conditions in the event that the activity is authorized will be presented.