Key personnel


De Wet Botha

M.A. Environmental Management, PHED

Pr. Sci. Nat. | Reg. EAP

Managing Director | Principle Practitioner | Specialist Wetland Assessor




De Wet has extensive experience in conducting a broad range of applications related to authorisations from the various authorities managing Environmental Legislation in South Africa. He has completed numerous EIA’s and Basic Assessment Report applications. He has conducted EIA reviews and has acted in a specialist advisory role to other consultants/applicants. Management Plans compiled include Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), Open Space EMPs, Wetland EMPs and Waste Management Plans. The practitioner has extensive and specialised experience in wetland- and aquatic assessment and delineation. In addition to this, De Wet also has experience in Visual Assessments, Specialist Faunal and Floral Surveys, Grassland Rehabilitation and Baseline Agricultural Potential Studies. De Wet is an experienced Environmental Control Officer and – Auditor. GIS data and spatial modelling is included in De Wet’s range of capabilities, along with GIS sensitivity mapping and Project Management.

De Wet is considered to be the ‘go-to’ consultant for various large developers in South Africa. His knowledge of environmental law is all encompassing and his relationships with the various Local- and Provincial Departments a benefit to any project.

Ryan Nawn

M. Sc. Environmental Management

SAATCA Certified Auditor

Director | Specialist Auditor and Environmental Scientist




Ryan has seventeen years working experience in environmental management. He is experienced in the implementation and operation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and has conducted a wide range of environmental audits ranging from company internal audits, authorisation audits, water use license audits, waste license audits and EMS surveillance and certification audits. Furthermore, he is a registered ISO 14001 EMS auditor with SAATCA. More recently, Ryan has been tasked to audit large mining companies’ EMSs with focus on its water management aspects. He has also been involved in developing EMP’s for the green building industry and subsequent audits thereof. Experience has also been gained in environmental compliance monitoring by working on large linear construction projects. Significant experience was also gained in integrated environmental management processes such as Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Basic Assessment Reports (BARs), and the development of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs). Ryan has also been actively involved in public participation and community development processes and water use licence applications. He has research experience in water quality and catchment management.

Apart from audits conducted personally, Ryan also heads a team of on-site auditors, contracted to specific sites for the duration of construction on a project. The availability of company vehicles and flexible staff mean that Prism can place a permanent Environmental Control Officer or Environmental Officer on any site, for any duration of time, anywhere in Africa. As an experienced manager, this process is facilitated and managed by Ryan. 

Vanessa Stippel

MSc. Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences

Pr. Sci. Nat.

Senior Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Vanessa has always been interested in the interface between humans and the environment and completed her MSc. at the University of Witwatersrand looking at the impact of trade in commonly used medicinal bulb species. She then moved into environmental consulting and has since gained over five years’ working experience as an environmental consultant. She is registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions as a Professional Natural Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat. Reg No. 116221) in the field of Environmental Science. She has extensive experience in managing and writing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for large and strategic infrastructure projects and has been involved with numerous developments ranging from provision of bulk infrastructure to port and dam developments. As part of this, she is responsible for ‘cradle-to-grave’ management of projects and thus her core skills include project management; report writing; research; GIS and public participation. These skills are a benefit to any project.

In addition, her range of expertise includes development of Resource Management Plans (RMPs), Environmental Management Programmes (EMPrs) and Environmental Management Frameworks (EMFs). She is also well versed in environmental legislation and has been involved in the compilation of legal registers as well as numerous environmental and technical audits of large entities such as Sasol and the Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA). Vanessa is passionate about sustainable use of the environment with a specific interest in water in the environment, climate change and natural resource management. 

Prasheen Singh

MSc. Aquatic Health (Cum Laude)

Pr. Sci. Nat.

SASS5 Accredited

Senior Aquatic Specialist

Prasheen Singh has six years’ experience in water quality, wetlands, and ecotoxicity amongst other environmental sectors.  His career started off as a part-time Environmental Education Officer at Delta Environmental Centre, with the premise of following Albert Einstein’s wise words that “if you cannot explain something simply, you do not understand it yourself”. He was then offered employment as a Laboratory Scientist at the Golder Associates Research Laboratory, conducting water, sediment, soil and ecotoxicity analyses, even going as far as getting accredited by SANAS for the Vibrio fischeri (bacteria), Selenastrum capricornutum (algae), Poecilia reticulata (fish), Daphnia pulex (water flea), Danio rerio (fish), Phytotoxkit F and the Ostracodtoxkit F bioassays. Driven by his passion for the conservation and protection of nature and the realisation of there being more to the environment, he began employment at Prism EMS as an Aquatic Specialist and has since diversified his skill set by undertaking numerous water quality, bio-monitoring, wetland, and waste assessments, GIS-mapping, rehabilitation, monitoring and plant species plans, and assisted with BAs, EIAs and Water Use License applications.

His Masters Degree in Aquatic Health focussed on assessing the impacts of acid mine drainage on the aquatic environment using various bioassays, physical and chemical analyses. He has undergone training in Wetland Assessments and Delineations, and the SASS-5 macroinvertebrate method (accreditation in process), and has received his professional registration with SACNASP. Prasheen believes strongly in green engineering and sustainable development, and although development cannot be prevented, priority must be given to protecting the surrounding environment and aquatic resources.

In addition...

We have as part of our team ecological specialists and air quality specialists. The team of consultants, together with the administrative support team at Prism EMS complete the package and ensure the unhindered operation of the consultancy and effective quality- and time management of projects.